Christmas car gift

As you plan out your Christmas gift list and beat the traffic into town, you can be forgiven for thinking of nothing other than the very items on your list. However, it also pays to spare a thought for the transport you’re using to tick those things off your list. Your car, while assuredly a reliable wagon that gets you from A to B, will need a little tender loving care from time to time. Therefore, there’s no time like the present – as you’re getting the remainder of your tasks completed for the year – to treat your car to a little Christmas gift of its own. The gift of health. Here are a few of the many things, other than radiator checks, new battery, and oil changes, that can be completed at an auto repair center to keep your vehicle running as smoothly as possible.

Transmission flushes
You may not think about transmission flushes as an everyday driver, but having one can be the difference between making it to your destination, and spending upwards of $5,000 on repairs! The next time you’re passing by an auto repair center, stop in and find out what a transmission flush can do for your vehicle!

Power steering flushes
Power steering flushes are yet another thing that you don’t often think about during your vehicle’s check-ups. However, changing your power steering fluid every now and again can extend the lifespan of costly parts such as pumps and racks. Drivers will also notice the difference as fresh power steering fluid helps your vehicle perform better in colder weather.

Differential fluid/transfer case fluid change
While changing diff fluid is standard practice with trucks, it’s often not considered essential for everyday vehicles. However, all-wheel-drive cars and SUVs are becoming more prevalent, and they need the same fresh fluids as a truck! By investing in a differential fluid or transfer case fluid change, you can reap the benefits of better fuel efficiency and a better lifespan on those expensive car parts!

New tires
Every vehicle owner knows that getting new tires is all a part of preventative maintenance, but too many people are leaving such maintenance to the last minute. At this point, your vehicle may no longer be as safe to drive as it once was – especially in an area that receives a generous dumping of snow. Even if your tires pass for a sticker with a 50 percent warning, they may not perform as well as new tires will in the snow. Take extra precautions and consider replacing your tires before the bad weather sets in!

When it comes to the health of your vehicle, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Therefore, you need a reliable, experienced team of technicians who care about your car as much as you do. That’s where AC Auto in Wakefield comes in. Locally owned and operated for more than 35 years, the team is dedicated to providing comprehensive auto repair service to see you traveling safely. From electrical, engines, and brakes through to AC, diagnostics, and suspension, there’s nothing they can’t do! Call 781-621-8151 to book your vehicle in today!