automobile car oil replacementOwning a vehicle is an expensive exercise. Firstly, you need to purchase it, and the outlay for this can often run into the thousands. Secondly, you need to maintain it, and while this is one of the most fundamental components of vehicle ownership, it’s often overlooked. If you believe purchasing and owning a vehicle is expensive, it can be even more so if you’re paying for repairs due to lack of maintenance.

Not only can repairs be costly due to upkeep failures, but your vehicle can break down at the most inconvenient time. To reduce the risk of being caught on the side of the road with a broken-down car, take note of these expert auto repair tips below.

Choose quality over convenience
Many people choose to take their vehicles to “quick lube” centers due to the convenience on offer. They’re quick, cheap, and can often be located nearer to your home or workplace than a qualified mechanic. However, quality is always better than convenience, and we recommend getting your oil changes completed at a quality repair shop.

When you choose to visit an auto repair center, you won’t be driven to purchase things for your vehicle that you don’t need, nobody is working on commission trying to upsell you into new products, and you’re only ever going to get a premium level of service. The best part is, qualified mechanics can check your car over to ensure no immediate problems are needing to be taken care of, such as suspension. Not only do they care for your vehicle, but they care for the safety of you and your family.

Don’t ignore your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance
When you first purchase a new vehicle, you will be given a maintenance schedule that relates to the upkeep requirements of your car. While they’re only guidelines, they are recommended guidelines that can prevent expensive items such as drive-trains from failing. Sticking to this schedule will ensure your vehicle will run smoothly for many years to come. In fact, there’s no reason why you can’t include more services than your schedule states. If you’re heading away over Christmas, a quick check over by a qualified mechanic will do your vehicle a world of good.

Use the correct oil and gas
If you’re not getting as many miles to the gallon as you expected to, your choice of oil and gas could be to blame. Equally as important as regular maintenance is choosing the correct oil and gas specified for your exact vehicle. For gas, this is typically written on the fuel cap. Because your car is tuned for a particular octane level, if you choose to ignore this, your MPGs will suffer as a result. The same can be said for the wrong use of oil in an oil change service. Using the wrong oil has the potential to cost you 1-2 miles per gallon, as well as internal engine wear over an extended period.

Care for your new tires
Tires are expensive, especially if you don’t look after them. We recommend rotating them every 5,000 miles, or at every second oil change. By doing so, you’re not only extending the lifespan and allowing access to your brakes for checking, but you’re reducing the risk of lug nuts becoming frozen.

Check before you buy
If you’re purchasing a used vehicle, don’t be afraid to have your qualified local mechanic check it out. By heading to an auto repair center, you will be able to check for any signs of neglect, or anything that will cost you a considerable amount of money in the future.

When it comes to the health of your vehicle, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Therefore, you need a reliable, experienced team of technicians who care about your car as much as you do. That’s where AC Auto in Wakefield comes in. Locally owned and operated for more than 35 years, the team is dedicated to providing comprehensive auto repair service to see you traveling safely. From electrical, engines, and brakes through to AC, diagnostics, and suspension, there’s nothing they can’t do! Call 781-621-8151 to book your vehicle in today!