car in winter

As we begin to replace shorts and sandals with jackets and mittens, it’s obvious that winter is on its way. However, as we ensure ourselves and our homes are prepared for the blustery, wintry conditions, we can often forget about our vehicles.

It’s easy to take your vehicle for granted, believing it’s going to get you from A to B with minimal effort. However, as winter sets in and you find yourself broken down on the side of the road, it’s evident you should have made vehicle maintenance a priority. Here are five ways to get your vehicle winter-ready before it’s too late.

Get your battery checked
To ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle winter head-on, it’s essential that you either get your battery checked, or invest in a new battery. By heading to your local garage, you can ask for your battery to be tested. If the reading is lower than 12.4 volts, it’s recommended that you replace it before you begin your winter travels.

Have your coolant checked
Equally as vital as having your battery checked is flushing and testing your coolant. Your radiator or engine cooling system should always be made up of half distilled water and half coolant. By doing so, you are ensuring the smooth running of your engine throughout those colder months.

Get an oil change
Not everyone is mechanically-minded, so knowing when to change your oil, and what with, can be tricky. Therefore, it’s going to benefit you and your vehicle to have your oil change completed by a professional. They will know the exact oil type your car needs for winter, and it will help your engine run with peak efficiency.

Get your wipers checked or replaced
With more salt on the road during winter than at any other time of year, your wipers will deteriorate faster than during the warmer months. To avoid losing the use of your wiper blades when you need them the most, replace them as soon as the colder weather sets in. Doing so can ensure they handle the harsh conditions thrown at them on a daily basis.

Get your tires and brakes checked
Finally, check your tires and brakes. The most important parts of your car are the very things that keep it on the road. If you begin to notice balding or rubbing, it might be time for new tires. At the same time, call into an auto repair center to have your brake discs and pads checked or replaced. These are essential for keeping you safe on the roads where braking times can be the difference between a collision and a safe journey.


Vehicle maintenance at any time of the year is essential, but winter can take its toll on your vehicle more so than at any other time of year. To avoid unfortunate breakdowns or accidents, take action now and prepare your car for the bitterly cold weather ahead!

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